The Slipper Room Midnight Show (12am & 1am sets)

The Slipper Room Midnight Show (12am & 1am sets)

Late night risqué shenanigans for those who like to go all night long.


Scotty the Blue Bunny

Special guest host for the evening!

Missa Blue

Award winning multi skilled thrilling Speciality Act who excites with tantalising personality and electrifies the whole room out of their seats!'

Participant on France’s Got Talent 2015
Winner Erotic Award London, 2015
3rd placement - World Burlesque Games, London 2013

German performance artist MisSa Blue uses her body beyond that of mere aesthetic beauty. Although she represents a form that many would envy, it is her ability to demonstrate precise control over action and movement during acts where pain and compromise often feature. Many have said that the true artist is one whom can take the ugliness of a contested body and create only beauty. MisSa Blue surely does this. Through extensive range of movement she controls the audience to captivate with an act that often exceeds the boundaries of all three genres; burlesque, cabaret and fetish. Armed with instruments such as fire umbrella, blood and hot wax work and array of avant garde and often self styled outfits, when merged together with her exotic beauty and abundant sexuality she comes to embody exactly what it means to be a successful independent female performer in a post post-modern society. Although many might think she is other-worldly within her surrealist guise she is in fact on the sharp-end of what is needed on todays performance stage.

Peekaboo Pointe

Burlesque Performer Seducing the World, One Stage at a Time

Pinkie Special

Genius, Hula Hooping Entertainer, Special!

Corvette LeFace

NY based burlesque performer

Freddie Love

NYC burlesque performer, vocalist and entertainer.

Gógó Starr

The reigning Drag Queen of Iceland, four years in the running, and the country's brightest boylesque starr. Producer and co-founder of Drag-Súgur, Iceland's biggest drag variety show, Gógó has toured the U.S. and Europe, performed with superstarrs from RuPaul's Drag Race, and is a core member of the incredible Reykjavík Kabarett. An amazingly fierce, funny and fabulous performer, Gógó effortlessly mixes drag and boylesque (draglesque for short) in the most bootyful ways - Classy, sassy and gassy!

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