The Slipper Room Show: Glitter Gutter

The Slipper Room Show: Glitter Gutter

Smart and quirky variety and neo-burlesque hosted by Slipper Room founder, James Habacker.

James Habacker

James Habacker MC's the show in the guise of one of his various different characters. He is also the and Artistic Director of the Slipper Room. He's much older than he appears here in his picture.

Danielle Saint Velvet

Born and bred for the stage, INTERNATIONAL performer, Danielle Saint Velvet hails from a long line of showgirls, with charisma (and champagne) coursing through her veins. This dancing diva will high-kick and booty bounce her way into your hearts. But don’t worry - her slow, sensual strip-teases will keep you begging for more. Just honor her rider (shirtless waiters + bottomless cocktails) and she’ll sashay her way onto YOUR next lineup."

Nina LaVoix

New York based burlesque dancer and producer.

A NYC-based performance duo specializing in aerial and dance.

Velvet Crayon

Velvet Crayon is a cripple song and dance man from Philadelphia. He's most known for his sit-down comedy, musical stylings, world renowned dancing, and that he's part koala.

Olive TuPartie

Olive TuPartie is a burlesque performer based right here in NYC, and she lives her life like a cork bursting from a champagne bottle, like a firework exploding in the sky, like a small-town mother's worst nightmare. You're invited to the Partie.

Sean Blue

NY based juggler and balancing artist

$12 (general admission) / $15 (door) / $30 (reserved seating)

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