Attack of the Slipper Room Movie Mondays!

Attack of the Slipper Room Movie Mondays!

ATTACK OF THE SLIPPER ROOM MOVIE MONDAYS! presents another eclectic set of short films by NY filmmakers. Free entry, free movies, free popcorn.

February edition:

THE WIDOWERS (feature) is a comedy about grief. It centers on best friends Jake and Jonathan, whose wives have died in an accident. When Jonathan drags Jake to a grief counseling retreat for young widowers, they meet an odd group of fellow mourners, navigate comically bizarre therapy sessions, and face a dark secret that could destroy their friendship.

PUSH UP (short) is about a couple striving to connect after the breakup of a friend forces them to confront their own estrangement.
Matt and Maggie are alone together, each wrestling privately with their own circumstances. When Maggie returns home, drunk, after seeing a friend who is going through a divorce, she and Matt strive to connect and confront their own estrangement.


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