Attack of the Slipper Room Movie Mondays!

Attack of the Slipper Room Movie Mondays!

ATTACK OF THE SLIPPER ROOM MOVIE MONDAYS! presents another eclectic set of short films by NY filmmakers.


Crazy and Thief (2012) by Cory McAbee

A seven-year old girl takes her two-year old brother on a voyage of chance and fantasy as they follow a makeshift star chart in pursuit of a time machine in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Two children, a homemade star chart, a cyclops, a giant and a time machine.

- WINNER: Indiewire. Top 10 Best Undistributed Films of 2012.
- WINNER: Forbidden Planet International. Best of the Year 2012. (UK)
- WINNER: Special Features Jury Award. Indie Memphis. Memphis, TN.
- WINNER: Premi Petit Format award. New Visions section. Sitges International Film Festival. Sitges, Spain.


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