Ladykiller, Holy Water Buffalo, Smolsky

Ladykiller is an alt-rock band based in Los Angeles, CA.  With influences like Paramore and Royal Blood to Lady Gaga, they really bring a unique sound to the table.  They’ve been rocking around southern California for a year, and are now in the studio preparing to release their first EP later this year.  Ladykiller is so excited for what’s in store for their future and are always growing and writing new music.  Their main focus is to create music that all walks of life can love, and of course to put on a show people won’t forget.  “We want to make music our fans can always turn to no matter the circumstances.  We want them to know and feel like they are so important to our process and what we do.



  • 8:30 - Smolsky
  • 9:15 - Ladykiller
  • 10:20 - Holy Water Buffalo

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