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Surf Curse

Surf Curse is Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck. They started the project back in 2012 in their basement in Reno, NV. Since then, the band has earned a cult following through the Los Angeles DIY scene and online forums. Their music expresses themes of young and romantic love through a cinematic lens of 80s and arthouse movies.

Formed in Los Angeles in late 2016, The Marías are the psychedelic-soul lovechild of LA native, Josh Conway and Puerto Rican-bred, Atlanta-raised María. A smooth rendezvous of jazz percussion, hypnotic guitar riffs, smoke-velvet vocals and nostalgic horn solos, there’s something undeniably sensual in the group’s dreamlike fusion of jazz, psychedelia, funk and lounge.

With María on lead vocals and Josh on drums, the couple is joined by their closest friends and fellow musicians. On guitar, Jesse Perlman, born and bred of LA, with ‘tones that can melt steel,’ say his bandmates. On bass, Canadian born and Berklee trained Carter Lee. On keys, Edward James.

As they take to the stage, dressed like a dream from another era – it’s clear why fans cheekily compare their sound to ‘having sex in the 70s’ or like ‘pouring cream into coffee.’ Watching them, you feel transported, taken over by a sultry tranquility as you drift into a timeless space.

They recently released their first EP, titled ‘Superclean Vol. I,’ in the fall of 2017, and it'll be followed by ‘Superclean Vol. II’ in early 2018.

Philadelphia-based alt-rock band.

After dropping out of college only 2 weeks in, Omar Apollo, a 20-year old, first generation Mexican-American singer from Indiana, began writing and recording his own mix of jazz, R&B, funk, alternative, soul, and pop music. His parents moved to the US to give their kids a better life and the opportunity to go to college; however, Omar always knew this route wasn’t meant for him. He began playing guitar at 12 years old, but quit soon after because he got bored of only playing in church. At age 18, Omar began listening to new styles of music and fell in love with the guitar again. His biggest influences are Benny Sings, D'angelo, Los Panchos, John Mayer, Elliott Smith, Cuco Sánchez, Paul Simon, Gary Numan, and João Gilberto. Omar is going to release his debut EP this summer featuring songs in both English and Spanish.

Just 3 dudes from El Monte making some noise.

Spendtime Palace

Spendtime Palace is a five-piece band from Costa Mesa with a timeless, emotional, gritty, yet earnest sound that stands up on its own. With serenading vocals, soaring melodies and multi-textured riffs, it is apparent why listeners are always keen for wanting more. In 2012 atop an abandoned building was were these eclectic musicians first came together. The band started as an instrumental group that played numerous loud and restless parties throughout their hometown. This recognition led them to be one of the most go-to bands in their area. It was in 2016 that a concatenation of life events led them to rename the band Spendtime Palace. Right after releasing their debut album Playdate along with “Lily Lee” and “Closed Doors,” keyboardist Michael (Toast) became a part of the band. This addition to the band induced a more exuberant sound, which lead to the creation of the Sonora EP. Title track “Sonora” gained instant recognition from the likes of Billboard, staring Stranger Things Finn Wolfhard and directed by Josh Ovalle. Spendtime Palace is set to release their second album with acclaimed producer Kyle Mullarky titled All Inclusive Romantic Getaway in early 2019.

La Chamba

Chicha (cumbia) band from Los Angeles, CA.

Prettiest Eyes

Rock n roll-ish/no wave-ish/punk rock-ish 3 piece from Los Angeles

Musician / artist from Los Angeles, CA.

San Pedro El Cortez

Una de las bandas pioneras de la escena psy-garage rock contemporánea de Tijuana es, sin duda alguna, San Pedro El Cortez. Con su corta pero fructífera trayectoria de más de tres años, han compartido escenario con bandas de alto impacto como Wau y los Arrrghs! (España), Black Time (Inglaterra), Dávila 666 (Puerto Rico), Rodrigo et Rodrigo (Francia), Vicente Gayo (México), sin mencionar la fabulosa mancuerna que han elaborado en diversas presentaciones con agrupaciones del otro lado de la frontera como No Bunny, Spirit Photography, God Equals Genocide, The Fast Takers, Lazer Zeppelin, Broken Water, entre muchas otras. Así mismo, han sido protagonistas de diversas reseñas musicales en las secciones correspondientes de las revistas Thrasher o Caviar Izquierda No. 1, por mencionar algunas.
Según Dardín Coria, uno de los músicos y productores más activos de la escena musical en Tijuana, recalca que San Pedro El Cortez […] acorde a su proceso musical completamente orientado hacia la experimentación sonora, combinado con la explosividad de su show y sonido en vivo, se perfilan como parte de la generación futurista de artistas de vanguardia en Tijuana. Dado su éxito en sus presentaciones, esta banda tijuanense viene a marcar una pauta en la escena musical de esta ciudad, colocándose con gran aceptación entre el gusto del público juvenil debido a su estilo desarrollado, único y polémico.
Con un sinfín de influencias que van desde el rock clásico hasta lo más vanguardista, San Pedro El Cortez está compuesto por Edgard Collins “Tamayo” (bajo/voz), Diego Córdoba (guitarra/voz) y Mario Alarcón (batería), los cuales cantan y transmiten desde lo absurdo y lo caótico, hasta lo sucio de la vida diaria. El propósito principal de esta banda es que la música sea digerida por todas las audiencias, contribuir de forma benéfica a la escena local, regional, nacional y, porque no, internacional, y seguir apreciando lo que hacen con su música, ya que San Pedro El Cortez es de la gente y para la gente, San Pedro El Cortez "somos calle, somos gente"

Booking/Media/Press: ☻ (664) 665 7014 ☺ (664) 125 03 86 ♥ USA (619) 518 9969 ♦

Illuminati Hotties

Tenderpunk pioneers from Los Angeles

Royaljag, the Architects of Chameleon Pop; a self generated genre, with a sole purpose of creating songs any listener can digest. The trio consists of twins, J. and Roland Garcia, and longtime best friend, David Ajoku. They grew up together in San Bernardino, sharing influences from music their parents always put on. To name a few, Stevie Wonder, Supertramp, Prince, ABBA, and of course the one and only, Michael Jackson. Devotedly praising these greats, the three write music out of complete collaboration, helping them produce synthesized hooks, infectious melodies, and unified harmony.

The Pantones

Formed in 2014 Dabble is an experimental neu dream hip-pop band from Los Angeles. The band derives influences from genres such as jazz, hip-hop, and psych rock. With an emphasis on songwriting and spacey guitar and keyboard tones, the songs are beautifully eerie. Dabble will be releasing their debut full length album "Touch" in March 2017.

LA Record on EP II:
"I'd recommend this album to anyone who is down to hear psych taken in a direction that's a bit smoother, and a bit more finely crafted, with some extra attention to song construction and musicianship."
- Desi Ambrozak

Musty Boyz

The Ivories



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