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Mae C.

The name "Mary-Celest" was created to implement two of the most meaningful women in my life, Mary Alice Cofield my grandmother on my father's side and Christine Mary "Celest"ine; my grandmother on my mother's side. Theses two women inspired me to be the woman I am today; God fearing, strong-willed, beautiful, passionate, independent, self sufficient, kind, but Still "Don't Take No Sh*t". Mary Cofield raised 8 kids including my father on her own whooped them til they understood every aspect of life. Christine Celestine raised 4 kids including my mother on her own and disciplined them til they could no longer say, "I Cant".
MARY CELEST is the woman i find i truly find in myself. It is the Women inside that the women outside have made me into. MY MIND IS NOT LOST ITS JUST YET TO BE DISCOVERED

Romiiie Rome

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