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Since the release of the critically-acclaimed debut LP 'Live At The Heartbreak Hotel', DC via Pittsburgh based experimental artist Rob Stokes and his quintet have focused on consistency and showcasing vulnerability in the live setting.

With a band comprised of Jesse Sattler (Saturday Night), Andrew Pendegrast (Sealab), Sam Catherman (Sealab, Ezra Mae & The Gypsy Moon), Sean Lescynski (Sun Cycle, Devilette) & SIR E.U. Stokes aims to bring out pure, untainted emotion; with each note emitting waves equal parts heartache & consequence.

Critics have called the sound...

"Topsy-turvy, achy-brachy love songs..."

"An album of fluid polyglot pop spiked with splashes of 'Tropicalia, bossa nova, blues, punk and no-wave..."

- Washington Post

"Live At The Heartbreak Hotel is a great success in its refusal to meet expectations. It is in turn joyful, solemn, gritty, and atmospheric, but it is always unabashedly and wonderfully weird."

- DCMD (DCMusicDownload)

"An LP about a not-so-familiar romance with a sound that eschews contemporary mandates."

- Bandcamp, 'New and Notable'

"All throughout, even when the tempo goes up, the vibes stay pretty relaxed. It's easy listening that can find itself in a lounge in the '60s or at a jazz club today. And really, that's what sets Live at the Heartbreak Hotel apart: it feels all at once weird, and classic."

- ThrdCoast


IG: @r.smokes



$10.00 - $12.00


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