Kneebody‘s sound is… explosive rock energy paralleled with high-level nuanced chamber ensemble playing, with highly wrought compositions that are balanced with adventurous no-holds-barred improvising. All “sounds-like” references can be set aside; this band has created a genre and style all its own.

Kneebody bassist Kaveh Rastegar thinks of their sound this way, “Personally, I think calling Kneebody “jazz” or “electric jazz” is fantastic because then we can move on from that hang up and play our music — and alter expectations of what ‘jazz’ is.”

Kneebody is keyboardist Adam Benjamin, trumpeter Shane Endsley, electric bassist Kaveh Rastegar, saxophonist Ben Wendel and drummer Nate Wood. The band has no leader or rather, each member is the leader; they’ve developed their own musical language, inventing a unique cueing system that allows them each to change the tempo, key, style, and more in an instant.

Kneebody returns with their ninth studio album, Anti-Hero, capturing the Grammy-nominated quintet's fiery energy from live performances. The pulsating result of their creative rebirth features an assured set of churning backbeats and unrestrained exploration.

Three Oranges

Hailing from the dense artistic community of Philadelphia, Three Oranges draws from the vast range of music the city has to offer, and has emerged with a sound that stretches throughout the genre pallet.
The 7-person unit formed in early 2015, and immediately began turning heads as early as their first show. Comprised of some of the leading talent in Philadelphia, they travel together in a direction untaken, creating new boundaries between jazz, soul, and even classical music.
Oranges are currently cutting their debut album which is set to be released in early 2016. Until then, they will continue to perform locally throughout the Tri-state area.

$15.00 - $18.00


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