Some Kind of a Nightmare

San Diego's own full time touring punk rock band, Some Kind of Nightmare, has brought amazing energy, raw sound, and a strong stage presence with them everywhere they perform. In 2013 they quit their jobs, threw out everything they owned, hit the road, and never looked back. The three piece group continues to take on the nation with their message of overcoming struggle and modern social issues, while gaining support and momentum along the way.

Nate Cartwright

Bombs Over Broadway

Punk and Hardcore Doing it in the next room and everyone can hear! Bombs Over Broadway is a Kansas City Missouri Hardcore Punk Rock Band that is going to bring new s*%t to light! To expose the secret Government and expose N.A.S.A. employing former Nazi soldiers and hiding proof of ALIEN Technology. We are putting a puzzle together the right way for the first time ever remembering the hidden past of man kind and entering a type one civilization who abandons war all together.



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