FULL TERROR ASSAULT STL Pre-Party with Thy Antichrist

FULL TERROR ASSAULT STL Pre-Party with Thy Antichrist

Black Metal band founded in Medellin Colombia by Andrés Vargas (a.k.a. Antichrist 666) in August 1998.


Nevalra is an extreme metal group created in 2013, originally as multi-instrumentalist Scott Eames' side project. As things progressed, Nevalra began to grow from a one man project, to a full lineup; thus bringing Nevalra out of the Studio, and to the Stage. Joined by talented drummer Zach Lindsey in late 2013, Nevalra quickly entered the Studio and recorded the debut single "Vril".

Reviewed as...: "VRIL is Nevalra's way of not only bursting through the gates, but shoving every other band out of their way in order to conquer the world." - Dark Dirge Promotions

As experienced musicians, Nevalra chose to skip the "new band" label and go straight for the throat. Letting people see, they are the real deal from the get-go.

Casket Robbery

Casket Robbery is an up and coming death metal band created by the minds of Cory Scheider (Luna Mortis, Epicurean, Echoterra) and Dustin Foesch. They have firmly established themselves as a brutal, heavy hitter in the live show realm by hitting the road hard after their first short EP release. Last year they took the time to re-evaluate and plan a devastating debut album release for 2016. They quickly brought in Patrick Small on bass, Greg Mueller on drums, and they brought on their own Cory Scheider to track, engineer, and produce a majority of Evolution of Evil. The track "Pray for Death" features a solo from John Laux (Warbringer) and "Undead Living Hell" features a guest speaking role by horror filmaker Cory Udler. With the help of Chris Wisco (Novembers Doom, Jungle Rot) to mix the album and Cody Ratley (Villains, Darke Complex) to master it, this will truly be a must have album.

$13.00 - $18.00


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