Bright Light Bright Light

Bright Light Bright Light

Hailing from the sleepy valleys of South Wales, Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light now lives in New York and has worked with Sir Elton John, Alan Cumming, Scissor Sisters and Vince Clarke among many other names far from the coal mining valley roots of his childhood.

Heavily influenced by cinema, his most recent, critically-acclaimed album 'Choreography' captured the joy and euphoria of classic dance sequences that inspired him to dream beyond the trees. He debuted the lead single 'All In The Name' (featuring an all-star cast of Elton, Alan, Scissor Sisters and Broadway powerhouse Mykal Kilgore) on Graham Norton's BBC 1 show with Sir Elton at his side. The first unsigned act to appear on the show in its history.

He has toured the world with Elton, opened for Ellie Goulding, John Grant, Erasure, Scissor Sisters, Hercules & Love Affair and many others, and played countless shows of his own to high acclaim.

As well as making music, he's also a music geek and runs a Tea Dance party based in NYC called 'Romy & Michele's Saturday Afternoon Tea Dance' named after one of his favourite films, at the club owned by Alan Cumming, who also starred in the film, proving that being niche can also be fabulous and very, very rewarding.

Loi Loi is an electronic synth-pop trio of Kristie (vocals, keyboards, synthesizers), Pedram (guitars), and Tyler (bass and gaia synth).

Loi Loi started four years ago in China, where Kristie was living and working at the time. Since her time as a Peace Corps volunteer in China, Kristie had always dreamed about becoming a Mandarin pop singer; this turned out to be an easy goal to achieve while she was stationed in Guangzhou, China. She also successfully composed original lyrics in Mandarin, pairing pop compositions with occasional radical experimental sounds vis-à-vis vis her microkorg. Loi Loi continued to develop in Spain, where Kristie tried her hand mixing original Spanish lyrics with an eclectic background of rock and roll, R&B, electronic, and soul influences. The band went fully electronic when Kristie acquired a Korg Electribe drum synthesizer. Today, Loi Loi embraces a somewhat economical setup but maximizes on a suite of atmospheric effects, original samples, and a multi-tiered song structure.

Loi Loi’s inaugural EP, Viva La Vulva, was recorded at BLIGHT.Records in March 2017, six months after Kristie’s return from Spain to Washington, DC. Each track represents a brick in the path of Kristie’s exciting cross-cultural escapades, simultaneously chronicling the hardship she encountered transitioning back to her home in the United States, which was vastly different than when she had left in 2011. In “1985”, Kristie clings to a year she barely remembers amidst the uncertainty of present times, creating a byte-by-byte whimsical reckoning. “Responsabilidades”, Loi Loi’s first video release, is an upbeat but ironic Spanish language song which playfully laments the state of play of being an outsider in the not-serious dating scene in Madrid. “Trying to Remember” premiered on All Things Go on November 22, shot and directed by Jen Meller and featuring a continuous reel of nightmare scenarios in unrecognizable terrain. New video "You May Be", which premiered on Impose Magazine on January 20, 2018, chronicles the intense showdown between a perpetually eyerolling, devil-may-care character confronted by a scathing accuser, who is berating her for blindness to (what the listener can easily detect as) the rise of patriarchy and its norms and abuses towards women.

Loi Loi just came back from their first U.S. tour through the U.S. South.

Washington, DC's Sub-Radio makes smart, danceable pop rock that's always expanding its boundaries. The sextet's high-energy live performances and variety of outstanding vocalists have put them on the map up and down the East Coast. The band’s clean guitars, dancefloor rhythms, and powerful vocals have garnered comparisons to established pop-rock acts like Walk The Moon and Two Door Cinema Club. Multiple songs have been recognized in national songwriting competitions, and Sub-Radio has gigged heavily across the region, playing at the Cherry Blossom Festival, LAUNCH, Celebrate Fairfax, Dewey Beach Music Conference, and Firefly 2017. Following the success of their 2016 debut Same Train//Different Station, the band embarked on a series of monthly singles from April to September 2017. Their upcoming EP Headfirst tackles the 21st century struggle to define relationships and find a community from the high-energy, often goofy perspective the band's fans have to come to expect.



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