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Bright Light Bright Light

Hailing from the sleepy valleys of South Wales, Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light now lives in New York and has worked with Sir Elton John, Alan Cumming, Scissor Sisters and Vince Clarke among many other names far from the coal mining valley roots of his childhood.

Heavily influenced by cinema, his most recent, critically-acclaimed album 'Choreography' captured the joy and euphoria of classic dance sequences that inspired him to dream beyond the trees. He debuted the lead single 'All In The Name' (featuring an all-star cast of Elton, Alan, Scissor Sisters and Broadway powerhouse Mykal Kilgore) on Graham Norton's BBC 1 show with Sir Elton at his side. The first unsigned act to appear on the show in its history.

He has toured the world with Elton, opened for Ellie Goulding, John Grant, Erasure, Scissor Sisters, Hercules & Love Affair and many others, and played countless shows of his own to high acclaim.

As well as making music, he's also a music geek and runs a Tea Dance party based in NYC called 'Romy & Michele's Saturday Afternoon Tea Dance' named after one of his favourite films, at the club owned by Alan Cumming, who also starred in the film, proving that being niche can also be fabulous and very, very rewarding.

LEADR is on a musical journey that aims to embody uplifting and positive motifs through his own dreamy and immersive electronic music. The singer/songwriter and producer’s sound harmonizes his ethereal and idyllic vocals with live instrumentation and atmospheric electronic beats. A melting pot of musical influences that allow his followers to be transported above time and space, and is created to inspire and stimulate the world. His last single and music video, “11:11,” caught the attention of multiple music outlets including Billboard. While his debut single, Waves, sound is described as more of a relaxed and chill vibe, 11:11 takes a 180 turn with its upbeat sounds for the end of summer. LEADR is currently working on his much anticipated debut EP.

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