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Redefine is a central tenant in the Dallas TX rock scene. Consistently delivering high energy performances across the metroplex, the band has won over a strong following that likes their rock music with a little extra. By incorporating progressive structure into a rock backdrop, contrasting atmospherics and metal grooves, and subtly mixing in hints of jazz and funk, Redefine creates a unique and refreshing take on an otherwise stale genre.

The chemistry between bandmates Scott Headstream (vocals), Chris Apaliski (guitar), Matt Jones (guitar), Mike Diquinzio (bass), and Daniel Taylor (drums) is immediately apparent, and one can tell the group legitimately loves what they do.

The band's catalog consists of three offerings: The Harbinger King - 2014 - Do For It Records, Blur on the Horizon - 2011 - self released, and The Power of Persuasion - 2009 - Ice Planet Records.

Over the years Redefine songs have been showcased on local radio, pod casts near and far, and even over the booming speakers during The Dallas Stars' hockey games. However, the best place to listen to Redefine is the front row.

Taking a love of early indie music and a passion for technology, the Dallas band Caterpillars blend the digital and analog worlds to create refreshing melodies with energetic rhythm. Whether it’s the arpeggiated guitars, driving bass and drums, or the passionate lead vocals of singer songwriter Christopher Robinson, Caterpillars believes in enhancing the soundscape with a digital feel. Born from this desire, Robinson, along with Stephen O’Sicky and Ben Love went to work writing and recording their first full length album, The Other Side. Once again working with legendary producer/engineer Ed Rose (The Appleseed Cast, The Get Up Kids, Coalesce) Caterpillars used their multi instrumental tendencies to create a fantastic follow up to the well received self titled EP, which was called one of the most exciting albums of 2013 by
Caterpillars desire to create was only fueled more by the welcoming response to their first full length release, which sent the band back into writing for their sophomore album. Through the fall of 2015 and Spring of 2016 Caterpillars worked with Jim Wirt (Incubus, Something Corporate, Fiona Apple) out of Cleveland, Ohio to create a more ambitious and adventurous record. The Wicked and Wonderful, to be released October 7th, is the band’s venture into more melodic, yet often heavier, music writing than ever before.
Combining acoustic and digital drums with melodic guitars and sweeping synths, Caterpillars created a range of dynamic tracks that blend perfectly as a whole. Caterpillars thrive on recreating the full and complex sound of their album in their live shows. Utilizing multiple computers, pedals, and instruments, the venue is filled with each and every intricacy the album presents. Poised to make a mark on the burgeoning Dallas music scene, Caterpillars have proven they are here to stay.

"So-Cal" indie rock from the landlocked state of Oklahoma.



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