Certainty are a sonic and emotional force of music to be reckoned with hailing from London Ontario. In the last 2 years the band have cemented themselves in London as a true mainstay rock act, packing venues like Rum Runners and East Village Arts Collective, although their touring presence is far and wide in Ontario and mid-western United States. As a true genre crossover act they bring out music fans from all circles and people of all ages. Their melodic and unforgettable melodies rooted deep in traditional pop and rock influence translate just as well as their crushing rhythm section that brings out hardcore and punk influence of the past and present. February 2017 saw the release of their long awaited debut EP "Tearing Me Apart", a collection of songs carefully crafted and interwoven thematically. With a full length record on the horizon, Certainty have their sights set a much broader objective then most of their musical peers. They should be watched closely in 2018.

We're the Alternative, Folky Southern Rock Band that you haven't heard on the radio yet. Keep listening.

The Odyssey is an Alternative Rock/Blues Rock band. The current members of the band are Cobey Brown, Derek Johnson, and Elijah Avery. We create original music and perform local shows in Tulsa and surrounding areas.




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