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Hotel Books (born February 16, 1993), is the American spoken-word project from Porterville, CA of Cam Smith. Hotel Books is commonly viewed as Faith-based, which Cam Smith has confirmed through numerous interviews. Smith has released four EPs and one full-length album with Hotel Books, featuring a revolving door of musicians who work alongside Smith. The project is often presented on tour as a full band, but has also been shown as a solo project of Cam Smith. They are known for Smith’s unique vocal style, which is often the central focus of their work.

Meet small town, Georgia boy: Ky Rodgers.

Heavily influenced by John Mayer & Stevie Ray Vaughan at a young age. He was more focused on playing guitar rather than school and girls, which led to him winning local talent shows and later came potential music scholarships, but Ky dropped out of school and ran away from home to move in with his girlfriend. She became pregnant and Ky was young, without a job.

Soon after, he was contacted by a recording artist in Nashville, who was interested in Ky being their new guitarist. The iffy thing was, he would be playing for a Country Rapper.

Ky was exposed to a new style of music, and began listening to more modern country rap, such as Jelly Roll, and modern hip-hop, such as Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, & Drake.

After spending 11 months on the road, Ky was in a tragic car accident. The driver fell asleep behind the wheel of the tour van and went soaring off of a 3 story drop off. Ky was the only one airlifted to the hospital, where they told him his back was broken and he may never walk again.

After spending some time in the intensive care unit, Ky, flew back home, but was left with no job and a new baby girl. He began to enter a state of depression after a split with his girlfriend, but he was determined to get back on his feet.

After a couple months of being on bedrest and using a walker, Ky began to regain strength. He started to get out of the house more, and began making music, again, in the basement of his friend's house. Ky began posting videos online, and soon enough, his fan base started to grow rapidly, but chasing dreams wasn't paying things.

Ky resorted to selling weed to pay child support, so he could continue seeing his daughter, but was pulled over, late one night, and was arrested. After being released, he has put his all into his music and began promoting and accepting the struggle instead of taking the easy way out and going back to selling.

Currently a "rolling stone", recording anywhere he can; whether it's in a friend's closet or bathroom, Ky is determined to make his dream a reality for him and his daughter.

New Time Zones started as a four piece band out of Stillwater with original members David Rey, Harrison Duff, Otto Stevenson, and Ben Haack. Ben Haack moved away after graduating from OSU which left the band as a three piece instrumental until they acquired singer songwriter Justin Shelton. The next six months were spent writing and perfecting their sound. However, Otto Stevenson decided to move to Colorado which left NTZ without a drummer. Luckily they found Michael Mangum to fill the spot a few months after Otto had left.

We’re a 5 piece Pop Punk/emo band from Pryor Oklahoma! Check out our new single ‘Fuck Therapy’ on Bandcamp and give us a follow on Instagram and Twitter!

$15.00 - $18.00


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