Valley Sons, Villains In Vogue, The Blondes, Jackrabbit Jade, Annika Rose

Valley Sons originally formed as (Custer, Sims, Meier...CSM band) in 2014 by Kurt Custer (ex-Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steve Earle drummer/vocalist),
Robert Sims (bass/vocals) and Dan Meier (guitar/vocals). After playing together for several years,
the band needed a new guitar player as their old axe wielder Dan Meier relocated to the southern coast of the US.
As the guys were craving to keep on rocking, they found a young Swedish six string wizard named Andreas Amnell who was now living in Hollywood.
With a new name and new fans, the power trio is set to rock, roll and groove all night long!

Villains In Vogue

Mick Scott has spent his entire life in music and has loved every single heartbreaking, painful moment of it. Mick has received accolades and praise for his works including having music in the 2001 movie Bedazzled, writing material and performing it on The HBO's TRUE BLOOD, sharing the live stage with such greats as Eddie Money and Robin Zander to Skid Row and LA Guns. He was voted as one of THE TOP 13 BEST FRONT MEN OF 2013 through 2016 in the Magazine ROCKwell UnScene. With his former bands (AnA Black, See Spot Kill and Se7en Reasons Why) he has achieved most of his goals and is very proud of all his achievements of the past whilst looking towards the future of VILLAINS IN VOGUE with an even greater expectations.
Justin Sane first got into music after hearing Zeppelin's Black Dog at age 14. He quickly fell in love with rock and roll, and soon after got an electric guitar, and began writing his own music. Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Justin made the pilgrimage to Los Angeles in 2015. Self-taught on guitar, piano/keys, bass, drums, harmonica and vocals, he is influenced by a range of artists including Badfinger, Alice Cooper, Jerry Lee Lewis, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner, and many others. Justin carries a passion for composition, as well as performance. He has loved every show he has played, from sweaty basement college parties, to opening for internationally touring acts.
Jeffrey Shapiro has been hitting things with sticks for quite some time, and singing his heart out. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, he has been recording and playing drums in bands that deserve a Drummer who is fun to watch. He’s very spontaneous, plays for the song and is versatile whether the genre is rock, pop, soul, or whatever is needed. Yes, he is that guy. Performing drums in oodles of rock and roll bands, his list ranges from playing with The Mystery Girls, Donnie Vie from Enuff Z’nuff, Oni Logan from The Lynch Mob, Chris Thompson from Manfred Man, and Sonic Boom with L.A. Gun’s Paul Black. He also played “Schlatko” in the Hollywood production of “Hedwig and The Angry Inch”. If you are not bouncing to his beats or moving to his grooves, check your pulse. He is the heartbeat of VILLAINS IN VOGUE
Matt Bachman, guitarist and California native has performed, written and co/written music for more than 20 years. Gracing stages with artists and bands throughout the United States, his guitar style is fueled with high energy, edgy melodic intensity, and his stage antics are packed with power. Working with some of the top musicians and performers in the industry is one of his greatest pleasures. He is a total asset to rounding out the Villains In Vogue sound.
Bryan Kimes, after years of writing, recording and performing in the Mid-Atlantic circuit headed west in 2017 - rolling the dice on the rebirth of the L.A. rock scene. His 2008 efforts with post-pop, alternative group, 23rainydays landed a finalist spot for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards “Breakout Artist” category. The band enjoyed the exposure of direct support and a television broadcast with All Time Low, followed by a US tour in support of their album, From Today Until Forever. He has co-written and/or recorded music featured on ESPN, MTV and the 2017 movie, Fair Market Value starring Luisano Lopisato. His “down the barrel” playing style is replete for any rock rhythm section, carefully hand-crafted with a Fender bass.

The Blondes is a Hollywood-based rock collective lead by Matt Ferretti. Our music is a blend of rootsy rock with heavy psychedelic and punk influences. While dedicated to technical skill in instrumentation and well thought lyrics, SYB as a band likes to groove and jam with no real restrictions. Their debut EP, STREET FLOWERS was released on May 4th, 2018 and is availble on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp. 

Jackrabbit Jade, based in Los Angeles, has transformed to more than just a band; it has become an illustrative concept. With their influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and Steely Dan to Amy Winehouse and Tom Waits, they transition through the blues, jazz, funk, punk, folk and rock. Heavily influenced by their desert roots and what it takes to bloom in a desolate, open space… they have honed their style to what they like to call “Desert Rock”. With vocalist/songwriter, Sarah Di Maria Poole and vocalist/guitarist/songwriter, Julian Ward, Jackrabbit Jade creates a unique male/female contrast with a mystical storytelling aspect. With many of their songs being allegorical stories, they carry an enigmatic message to humanity.

Annika is the love child of Gwen Stefani and Hayley Williams, while still holding her own, writing and performing in the depths of grungy rehearsal
studios across North Hollywood with her band. She’s working on her debut releases with some of the biggest names in the music business including Matt
Rad, Lauren Christy, Nicki Adamsson, and JR Rotem to name a few. She combines Rock influences with undeniably raw, soaring vocals, with tales of LA
based adolescence all which still nod towards an older soul. The band consists of some of the very best young musicians in Los Angeles. Marhly Murphy on drums,
Ryan Arshonsky on guitar and Jade Fink on bass.



  • 8:15 - Annika Rose
  • 9:00 - Valley Sons
  • 9:45 - The Blondes
  • 10:35 - Villains In Vogue
  • 11:45 - Jackrabbit Jade

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