One of the first R.A.C bands of the second half of '80's. They start in England in 1988 and they wrote a demo tape called 'Stormtroopers'. Some of the demo songs take part in Debout Vol.4. First vocalist Naner leaves the band, Jackie continue alone the vocals duties and in 1989 they release they first full lp 'A New Beggining' . Followed: two ''7, 'Better Dead Than Red' and 'Sign Of The Times', a second full lp 'Ride Of The Valkyries' and their third full lp 'Chasing Dreams' (all these in 1990 but some material have recorded early). Their last lp i thing recorded in the middle of '90's and was 'Don't Come Near Me' with John Hickson on vocals and guitar who was from the beggining until then, only on guitar duties. Other people of the band all these years was: Rex-bass, Shane-drums, Daz Matthew-guitar, Andy Lambert-bass, Neil Webb-drums. Hickson later join Skrewdriver like bassist in their last lp's.

First Blood are a metallic hardcore band from San Francisco, California.

Hardcore band from Mesa, AZ.

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