The Dull Blue Lights, Space Pizza, Erik Kramer

The Dull Blue Lights

The Dull Blue Lights are a band in between. Drawing from influences as
varied as Motown soul, Nuggets psychedelia, and Jamaican rocksteady,
the Philadelphia-based group’s definitive blend of cascading
harmonies, screaming guitars, and relentlessly grooving rhythms lives
somewhere between each one. The band calls this in-between sound
Basement Soul. That sound has been eight years in the making, and is
only the latest in the band’s long series of transformations.

Space Pizza

Space Pizza is the ultimate party band outside of Philadelphia. We are the past, the present and the future of music and pizza... Prepare for digestion.

Erik Kramer

A multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter best known for his bass playing, Erik Kramer is gearing up to release his debut album entitled "Missed the Boat". His playing has been featured on records by Endangered Speeches, Morning Martyrs, Sun Cut Flat, Sonnymoon, The Blind Woods, and others. In his first collection of songs, Erik has grabbed elements from all over the musical spectrum and includes impressive performances by some of New York's finest musicians.



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