Mick Fury

Mick Fury

Ok let's get you caught up on my story. I know, I'm supposed to pretend this is being written by some wordsmith that's tells ya how great I am. This ain't how a "bio" is supposed to read. Well this ship flies under different sails. Since I struck out on my own a decade ago, I've never lived over the poverty line. I've worked as a drug store clerk in my hometown of Syracuse, NY, as a jingle writer in my current home of Nashville, TN, and as a flower delivery guy once on Valentine's Day in Watts, CA. That was probably the most interesting one. I've been lucky enough to share the stage with everyone from Bret Michaels to Marshall Tucker to the Stone Temple Pilots in my rock days, and now Craig Campbell, Travis Tritt and Brothers Osborne in the Country World. I was fortunate to have a stand up Pops who taught me how to play the guitar, mostly so I could back him up in his bands, and showed me the meaning of hard work. I was also unfortunate enough to lose my mother to cancer at age 7, which sent me spiraling out of control through my teens and beyond. I've seen things in my short time on Earth that would make Hank Williams Jr. blush, and thats what I sing about. Reeling in an off the rails life, following love, and opening up some folks' eyes to things that need fixin'. Our previous bio read that our live show is like "Garth Brooks meets Zac Brown." Thats exactly what the show is, a jam band with a big personality up front. But nobody ever said that, I made all that crap up. I'm the hardest working guy you'll meet and we're making this thing fly and having a hell of a time doing it, wanna ride?




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