A musical soundscape forged by four passionate students of the blues, folk, and rock n' roll music of yester year stamped with a unique style all their own

The Venus Flytrap

Pairing well on bills with Dex Romweber, Patrick Sweany, The BuffaloKillers, Dan Sartain, Jacuzzi Boys, The Ettes, James Leg and The Stone Foxes, White Buffalo Woman continues to navigate the highways of rock ’n’ roll stardom.

White Buffalo Woman embodies rock ’n’ roll by fusing soul and blues that is sometimes reminiscent of the early Stones, while also delivering a blend of rock and punk into an explosion of new music that aurally comes off as a tougher 60s tinged Strokes.

Now after several releases by Grimtale Records, to include a full length and several 7” vinyl records, White Buffalo Woman will be distributing their next record through The Orchard and hitting the road for a U.S. tour in the Spring of 2018.


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