Jasper and the Kids

Jasper and the Kids

Jasper and the Kids was founded on the streets of Hoboken in the summer of 2017 when Vocalist Cecelia Ticktin was out walking her dog Jasper, Saxophone Player Chris Range was on the street playing for a cute waitress, and Guitarist Chris Pattwell was moving into his apartment. All three bumped into each other on the street, spent the afternoon jamming outside of Spesh Barbershop, and a band was born.

Chris Range later went on to play for Prohibition in New York City, lending his improv skills and jazz background to their house band. Together Chris Pattwell and Cecelia Ticktin continued to write, curating an alternative acoustic set list that draws on influences of folk, country, and indie rock.

With a playlist packed with originals and selective covers, Jasper and the Kids brings a unique sound born out of the merging of two very different musical backgrounds. Catch them outside busking when the weather warms up with none other than the mascot himself, Jasper; and check out their Instagram page for up to date notifications of all upcoming shows.




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