TGIF the 13th Part 2

TGIF the 13th Part 2

A staple of growing up in the 1990s, ABC's reliable block of Friday night family-friendly entertainment has achieved legendary status and is virtually unfathomable in our current era of streaming, on-demand television programming. Best remembered for hosting shows like FULL HOUSE, FAMILY MATTERS, and BOY MEETS WORLD, TGIF provided 90s youths with the tools they'd need to mature through illustrations of other cultures and family structures alongside the standard dramatic elements of situational family comedies. And they did all of this with a concentration on fun.

TGIF officially ran from 1988 to 2000 though versions of the programming block existed both before and after that time period. Filling two hours of weekly programming wasn't always the easiest task and thus there were plenty of flops amongst the beloved hits. Will teens who loved STEP BY STEP stay tuned for the Hilary Swank/Jared Leto vehicle CAMP WILDER? Will ALIENS IN THE FAMILY appeal to fans of PERFECT STRANGERS? Will anyone watch the LOOK WHO'S TALKING riff BABY TALK?

TGIF THE 13TH will feature a selection of failed TGIF programming with era-appropriate commercials and related moments throughout. Come relive a few select horrors of the 1990s on the most frightening day of the year.



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