David Zim’s Actual (30th) Birthday!

Zap Dragon

"Trust me, I understand the hardship of having an odd name. And not that rock music necessarily maintains seriousness as a requisite, but having a band moniker like Zap Dragon & the Attack makes things hard for you before you play a single note. I'm probably not the only one to ever wonder how this Orlando combo can possibly ...be good enough to overcome such a silly name. It's a reasonable question. Then again, it all depends on what you're going for. But it turns out they're not some sort of comic-nerd band at all. In fact, their deal is a shiny, skipping ball of jaunty rock, folk twangs and pop hooks that's cloyingly peppy. They're often a little south of goofy,but their sweet guilelessness has much more traction and potential when they slow things down and dial it in. Their melodies breathe deeper and their heart beats louder. That's when their set hit moments of clarity. And it's where their hope lies." -Bao Le-Huu

The Palmettes

Genre: Doo-wop // Garage
Band Members: Alex, Jana, Edward, Alexis
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Bio: We just wanna dance. We just wanna yell. We just wanna dance and yell.
Gender; Neutral (It)
Band Interests: Margaritas, chocolate sundaes, and gaudy jewelry.



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