Papa Jack Couch & Lexi Street

Jack Couch

Papa Jack Couch is a singer/songwriter of insight and wit. He performs originals forged over long years of two-lane blacktops and smoke-rise sundowns, with direct influences reaching back to Gram Parsons and Johnny Cash. His voice is Tupelo honey over burnt sourdough, and his rhythm playing style -- on a battered ‘59 hockshop Martin – is just good enough to forestall eviction, but his performances are always saved by inventive, insightful writing and an amazing range of observation on life, love, faith and struggle.
After early years in Atlanta, through formative sojourns all over Georgia, Florida and Alabama, most of his life has played out in Southeast Georgia’s endless pines and mysterious swamplands. He’s survived two separate invasions of Nashville and now lives in Meriwether County, but he loves nothing more than coming into town and playing hard won, hand carved music with relevance and thump.

Lexi Street

Lexi Street has brightened the Atlanta music scene now for more than a few years, writing bittersweet originals about love, intimacy and just being human. She performs them with a style and grace that can be described as an edgy softness tinged with wry humor and captivating charm. Most of her music has been steeped in Americana, jazz and pop, but she has been turning back lately toward her original influence of electronic music. Her latest release “Panorama”, inspired by some of her favorite artists – Massive Attack, Portishead, Zero 7, the XX, and Rhye, was just published and is available on all the major platforms. 
Nominated for the JPL Independent Music Awards for Bite The Hand in the Female Singer/Songwriter category, Lexi has also expanded her universe into film music, scoring and providing original songs for an exciting new feature-length project due out in late 2018. She was most recently a winner in Eddie’s Attic renowned Open Mic competition and a participant in their semi-annual shootout.

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