American hardcore band founded in 1985 in Boston, MA.


4 piece streetpunk band from Tacoma/ Seattle, WA.


Ex members of Aspirin Feast, Impulse Manslaughter, Hippies in Flames, Hurry Up And Die, and some Wildman New Zealander on Vocals!
HardCore Punk at its most brutal!

Kids On Fire

Melodic street pop punk from the rainy streets of Seattle. With a knack for hooks, Kids on Fire serve up songs designed to celebrate good times, bad jobs and irresponsible behavior. We have fun doing it, you will have fun listening to it, and hopefully we'll all be drunk by the end of the night, covered in sweat and beer! So have a listen and raise a pint with us in honor of good people and good times!

Potbelly is a hardcore punk band from Whidbey Island, WA state. Est. in 1995.


Imagine the Foo Fighters and Muse stuffed in an underground studio during the "nuclear holocaust" with nothing but Weezer and Radiohead albums to session - yeah, I'd like to be fly on that wall too! Now you can, thanks to SixTwoSeven. Delivering the attitude of an Underdog and the punch of a Champion, SixTwoSeven's chunky guitar riffs, charismatic vocals, and emotional solos are the most beautiful ass whoopin' your ears ever took.

$15.00 - $20.00


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