cleopatrick is a heavy alt-rock duo from the tiny town of Cobourg, Ontario - yup, the ‘c’ is lowercase.

Best friends since kindergarten, frontman Luke Gruntz and drummer Ian Fraser have an enviable connection that translates into a powerfully unified expression of sound. With a bastardized bass amp and split signal, Gruntz simultaneously commands the range of bass and guitar topped with provocative blues grooves and take-down breakdowns.

In early 2016, the pair recorded their first EP 14 in its entirety in a single studio session and was later dubbed one of the most promising acts for 2017 by 94.9 The Rock’s “Generation Next” program.

Now piling all of the torment and rhetoric of chasing big dreams within the limits of a small town, cleopatrick’s brand new single “hometown” gives a tasteful hint of growth and raw revelation expressed in their upcoming sophomore EP the boys (Fall 2018).

Awake the Wilde

Awake the Wilde is a band apart. Formed inside a concrete basement in Suburban Indiana by Cheese, Wild Billy, Sammy G and Blu. The original four would get together as much as they could to allow creations catch fire. Soon, between these stone walls, birthed a band of four strangers united by music; each of their own style and substance. Week after week the band would flesh out songs written by Blu as each member added his own panache until the air was visceral and each piece of sound found it’s place in the aural portrait. Finally, after four or so years, three without a drummer,found a light. Since that gracious night, the band began to grow after each practice as they learned each other’s habits and instincts. Now, they have solidified into a catalyst of rock-hop-funk-pop blues, so that even in a generation of electronica, Rock ‘n Roll will never die.

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