Drink and Think: Philosophy and Discussion (and Booze)

Drink and Think: Philosophy and Discussion (and Booze)

This event is intended to foster discussion and drinking in a fun atmosphere. There will be a brief (15 - 20 minutes) presentation of the issue followed by general discussion and argument. All are strongly encouraged to participate (that’s the whole point!)



Should we regulate self-experimentation in the biosciences? The recent popularity of 'Citizen Bioscience' (open experimentation with genetic editing and ‘hacking’ other biological processes by non-experts) raises age-old questions about freedom and bodily control. Does our investment in personal freedom, as well as ownership of our bodies, override what might be considered the safeguards of public health and protection against self-harm? While some might welcome the avoidance of regulation and potential stifling of promising avenues for new research, others argue the epistemic messiness of self-experimentation opens a Pandora’s Box of concerns about who might claim knowledge and skill in the biosciences.

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