Max Swan + Tuck Ryan Band

Max Swan

A saxophonist, vocalist, and producer from Philadelphia by way of Perkasie, PA, Max Swan channels influence from the likes of Stevie Wonder, James Blake, Donny Hathaway, Michael Brecker, and Lenny Pickett. He's gone from nothing-but-jazz, to everything-other-than-jazz, and all stops in between. Initially being the loud alto player that showed up for the jam session every week, Max slowly took on more opportunities in hip hop production, as both a bandleader and a studio producer, playing with a number of artists and groups during their growth in the Philly music scene; notable names include LP Stiles, Kuf Knotz, Mic Stew, and most recently, Aime. Over time, the saxophone he'd lay on tracks led to supplementing keyboards, and writing string and horn section arrangements, many of which can be heard on Aime's most recent release, "The Book of David", available on iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora. The work that was done with these artists led Max to start laying vocals on his newer music, starting with "So Much Chime" (also available on iTunes, Spotify, etc.). Swan received accolades during his new process with Councilman David Oh's PHLlive Center Stage Music Conference, Ernest Stuart's Center City Jazz Festival, all while continuing his rigorous study of saxophone, mainly by way of Lenny Pickett (SNL), in order to truly reach proficiency in the altissimo (higher) registers of the instrument. Swan's music combines his passions for jazz fusion, 21st century soul, and contemporary hip hop, featuring his vocals, saxophone, and EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). "The Fisherman", his debut, was made possible via The Kimmel Center, and will be available soon.

Tuck Ryan Band

Tuck Ryan’s sounds can best be described as Mountain Soul. His Jazz infected vocals and Neo-Soul piano playing are backed by a tight rhythm section that is influenced by many of the founding fathers of Americana and soul. If there is one thing you can say about Tuck’s music its that he’s authentic. From behind the piano he gives the audience all he’s got –transforming his songs into the soundtrack of the evening. Tuck’s debut solo album, ‘Warmest Blue’ was released in the summer of 2017. He is hard at work in 2018 having already released the first installment of the ‘Little Things EPs’ in a planned 5 set series of EPs. You can find Warmest Blue and Little Things Vol. I on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever you consume music! Be sure to come see Tuck live! Tuck remains constantly playing live and is the main keyboard player for Andy Mowatt's Steely Jam, frequently touring up and down the East Coast.

Tuck Ryan’s childhood was a diverse, well-rounded musical education. His Dad, a big Steely Dan fan and his mom, more of a Joni Mitchell girl, immersed him in the classics of Motown, singer songwriters and jazz fusion from a young age. Receiving the Marvin Gaye complete discography box set when he was 10 years old, Tuck began what would be the first of countless hours spent listening to and dissecting classic records.

From here, Ryan spent his first years on the music scene at the Fulton Opera House in Lancaster, PA performing in many main stage productions. The stage suited him and years later he went on to form, along with Jordan Rast, “Second Hand Suits”, a Lancaster-based Jazz/Rock/Blues group that’s enjoyed regional success and acquired quite the loyal following. Tuck is also the founder of “Limbo Jimbo”, an Americana blues jam band, for which he was the primary writer, singer, piano player and rhythm guitarist. He has also worked as vocalist with the Lancaster King Street Big Band and continues as a full time member on keyboards and vocals for funk fusion group, Andy Mowatt’s Steely Jam. Over recent years he’s continued honing his original work by creating a large repertoire of original music that is grounded in Soul, Americana, Blues and Jazz– becoming the vehicle that bridges all the sounds.

Tuck is currently fronting his own band and promoting his latest release “Little Things Vol. I.” Tuck's debut album "Warmest Blue" began during a long winter a few years ago. In it are real stories of doing some growing up and landing back on your feet. Recorded at the Sugar Tank Studio in Lancaster, Pa he enlisted the help of multiple local musicians and good friends to make this record including Oliver Craven and Charlie Muench of The Stray Birds, Andy Mowatt and Taylor Wade of Steely Jam, and Matt Hostetter and Nick Adams of Limbo Jimbo. The album is something Ryan hopes we can all relate to.

The introspective journey, hours of writing and time in studio has led to the clearest of visions for Ryan’s first solo project “Warmest Blue”. The eagerness to release the album is only reflective of the effort that went into making it. Come out see Tuck live with TRB and Steely Jam and experience the fun for yourself!​

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