King Buffalo

"King Buffalo is a psychedelic trio in the classic format of bass, drums, and guitar, whose

expansive and thunderous music is anything but easily definable.

Formed by three long-standing members of the blooming Rochester, NY rock scene, King
Buffalo gathered in September of 2013 to start working on a new musical collaboration in a
heavy rock vein. Their efforts spawned a demo release and several splits and one-offs which,
coupled with their impressive live show, quickly gained them an international audience.
Nearly exactly three years after their formation, written during and out of jam sessions, (King
Buffalo released Orion)... nine tracks that are texturally rich and oozing with psychedelic
goodness, yet honed and driving in the next blink of an eye. Lush, shimmering melodies á la
Dead Meadow and free-flowing grooves... with the full force of fuzzed-out stoner rock riffs, all
coinciding organically. Impressively, King Buffalo’s focus extends beyond composition and into
the technical realm; Orion was recorded entirely by the band in the very same rehearsal room

that played host to the songs' creation." - Sludgelord

"The question of how... heavy psych upstart trio King Buffalo will follow-up their debut full-length,
Orion, is answered in the form of the three-track Repeater EP. In the year-plus since the
album’s first, (self-)release in 2016, the three-piece of guitarist/vocalist Sean McVay, bassist
Dan Reynolds and drummer Scott Donaldson signed to Stickman Records and oversaw an
official issue of the record and have toured Stateside with All Them Witches and in Europe
alongside labelmates Elder, and the EP brings three new cuts that represent the first new music

they’ve produced following this productive time.

It is 24 minutes of material, and more than 13 of that resides within the opening title-track (also
the longest of the set; immediate points), but in terms of flow and conveying a sense of how
their progression is unfolding, Repeater feels like the first chapter in a larger story more than a
standalone offering. That is to say, the vibe is more mini-album than single-song showcase for

throwaways or “extras” from a recording session.

Part of that may of course owe to the fluidity in King Buffalo‘s approach overall, which was
certainly a factor on Orion and just as certainly hasn’t at all been diminished by the stretches of
time they’ve spent on the road, but there’s a perceptible resounding in the molten aspects of
“Repeater,” “Too Little too Late” and “Centurion” that underlines the purposefulness with which
King Buffalo engage such an open feel in what they do. Jamming is a crucial part of it at their
foundation, but as far out as they go, their chemistry is put to use in servicing a song, even in
something as vast as “Repeater” itself, which is their longest single track to-date.
I don’t know and won’t try to speculate where King Buffalo might go with their sophomore
full-length when the time comes for it, how they might continue to grow, what they might push
toward in terms of arrangements or execution or general sound, but Repeater finds them
brimming with confidence both as individuals and as a unit, and their songwriting here hits a
new level of craftsmanship that only raises one’s hopes even after such an impressive debut
long-player. The question isn’t so much whether King Buffalo are prepared for their next step as
it is whether their audience is ready to realize the special moment playing out in front of them." -

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A hearty blend of Sabbath-y stoner rock goodness paired with accessible, mind-altering lyricism straight from the breadbasket of the good ol' US of A.

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