DEVOtional 2018


Spudboys are Planet Earth's premier DEVO research and emulation band! All hailing from different parts of the USA, we meet once a year to perform a mega set of DEVO songs at the annual DEVOtional fan gathering in O-Hi-O.

Gerald V. Casale

Born: July 28, 1948, Ravenna, Ohio

Co-founder of Devo.



3pm - Mercurochrome feat. Al Mothersbaugh & Poopy Necroponde (from OH)
4:30pm - Double Helix (w/ Francis Lau) (from CA)
5:30pm – Jerry Casale of DEVO: Autographs/Meet & Greet session
6:00pm - Jerry Casale of DEVO w/ Bobbie Watson & Susan Aylward: Q&A on the DEVO Book!
7:00pm - Spudboys (from USA)
8:30pm - DEVO-tion (from Germany)
10:00pm - DEVOmatix (from GA)

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