Mimi Arden

Mimi Arden is a band fronted by Michelle Gaw, a singer/songwriter, with Lee Kolarik on drums and Joe Botta on bass from Cleveland, OH. The band recently launched a crowdfunding campaign and has spent the last seven months crafting and recording their debut album. The collection of songs on the record have been in the works for two years. Through a creative collaboration of reworking and refining each song, the music has taken new life. Each song tells a different story: heartbreak, rage, friendship, peace, and renewal. With roots in folk, rock, blues, and soul, Mimi Arden's debut album will be sonically rich, lyrically driven, and excitingly unique.

Maura Rogers and the Bellows

Maura Rogers and the Bellows are a female-fronted band known for being a powerhouse of soulful, moving music. From emotional ballads to stirring rock and roll, MR&B offer listeners a truly memorable music experience. Influenced by artists ranging from Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen to Neko Case and Alabama Shakes, you will hear melodies and storytelling brought to life by the vibrant musicianship of the accordion, bass, and drums of the Bellows. The result is a familiar, yet unique sound that moves both the heart and feet of listeners.

Emily Keener is a craftswoman of observation and emotion, and her live presence is reminiscent of conversations in dimly lit living rooms. Her music is a mirror and a magnifying glass, reflective and evocative; with compelling melodies and fierce honesty. In 2017, Emily received No Depression's Singer/Songwriter award.
Her latest record, “Breakfast” (November 2016) is available at emilykeener.com, and 2018 finds her working on a new collection of songs for her upcoming release.

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