Heart Avail

Aleisha has been singing ever since she can remember. She sang in select choirs throughout school and later moved on to pursue a music degree in college.She has sung everything from rock to opera and even a little country and later moved on to writing her own music. She has been the featured artist on the local radio stations include Spokane's River and KYRS and has been the lead singer in various bands and traveled through out Washington to share her music!

Greg likes to rock! His music has a unique style unlike any other that leaves the listener wanting more. Greg has been playing music most of his life and has played with various bands and has many of his own originals that cross classical, techno and Rock!
In 2009 the two artists found each other through an internet radio station called Audio Candy. Both Aleisha and Greg enjoyed each others music and decided to try out a collaborative music sound, one which turned out to be a mix of harder rock with a strong female sound, resulting in something new and exciting!!!
In 2015 Mick Barnes joined Heart Avail bringing many years of experience out a chill bass sound.

Sharone & The Wind

Sharone & The Wind brands its music as "dark rock", a fitting description for songwriter Sharone's deep feminine voice and lyrics about life experiences and lingering despair. Sharone & The Wind is not punk, nor is it goth or metal, despite its brooding overtones. The atmospheric, melodramatic music of Evanescence and the psychedelic blues of Black Sabbath inspired Sharone to start playing live in 2014. By spring 2016, she had formed her rock band; its debut album, Storm, is due out April 22, 2017.
-Tom Murphy / Westword

Shattered Halo

Melody In Heart is a Denver-based indie pop project, launched in 2014 by Nick Workman.

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