"It's a dusky, muted, vaguely cyberpunk affair, and introduces a fragile humanity that's often obscured by the album's search for unorthodoxy." - Vice/Noisey

"Thieves Hymn in D Minor has a powerful uniformity and is well-sequenced and arranged as a whole; part of its strength is that it feels like one monolithic work sinking deeper and deeper into oblivion like the slow destruction of the self." - Echoes and Dust

"Gorgeous chants are laid over electronic beats before Neal allows his own voice to stalk from the shadows with a delicate tone that is reminiscent of Portishead, WIFE and even post-punk at times. It’s an unusual approach to music, meshing the old and profound with new techniques, but it’s one that pays off and imbues Thieves Hymn in D Minor with an edge that is disturbing and gothic in its execution." - Cvlt Nation

Piggy Black Cross

Dark IDM from the bowels of NYC



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