Cyanotic, KANGA


Cyanotic began in 2002 with members Sean Payne and Drew Rosander. After their start two months later they released "Mutual Bonding Through Violation." This album got very postive ratings from their peers. Now (2005) after two year of tweaking and mixing they have enrolled another member, Brian Blake and released "Transhuman" the full length successor to "MBTV," with help from Jason Novak and Chris Cozort.

"Our role models are machines."

Rabbit Junk is a Seattle based band, formed in 2004 by former The Shizit frontman JP Anderson. Taking influences from diverse music genres such as hip hop, black metal and new wave, JP calls the sound of Rabbit Junk as "Hardclash".


Harsh beats for dark times. The sounds of Amelia Arsenic are an infectious injection of high-energy beats infused with feminine allure. Amelia is a visual artist and fashion designer originally from Sydney, but having toured extensively throughout Europe and the USA since 2007 as a musician and DJ. She was first known to fans of industrial music, as DestroyX, a founding member of cyberpunk band Angelspit.

After leaving her old band and taking a brief hiatus from music to focus on visual art and fashion design, Amelia now presents her solo project; a singular vision of broken and beautiful sounds and personal yet playful lyrics.

Her debut EP "Carbon Black" written with Pete Crane & Ben Bulig (Shiv-R), is a genesis of fresh electronic sounds drawing from hip hop, electro and industrial music. Switching between melodic and spoken vocals, the lyrical themes go from party-mode to provocative pathos effortlessly, painting a self-portrait within an underground zeitgeist. Her sophomore EP, Queen of Risk, an electro-punk rivet-jams with a satirical edge, was a collaboration with producer/programmer Sean Payne (Cyanotic, Vampyre Anvil, CONFORMCO).

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