Poor Moxi, The Wannabes, Over The Castle

Poor Moxi

Poor Moxi is a modern rock group based out of Colorado. They are located in the Colorado Springs area and are currently seeking representation.

The band was first formed in the summer of 2016. All members were attending the same high school and found each other through their individual pursuits of music. The band played through graduation and eventually realized that the band brought so much joy to them and their audience, that they decided to continue its legacy.

The band released their first single, Out of the Blue, at the end of 2017 and have released their break-out EP as of February 9, 2018.

Current members include:

Vocalist, guitar// Megan Maher

Guitar, keyboardist// Kyle Youngman

Bass// Brody Esslinger

The Wannabes

We are an Alternative rock band from Denver, Colorado. We formed in November 2016 and the band members are Cameron McCurry (Vocals/Guitar), Joe DeSimone (Bass), and Andy Pieratt (Drums). Each of the members influences are so diverse and unique that when combined it creates a special sound that unique to The Wannabes as a band. We combine deep messages within our lyrics and compliment them with catchy instrumentals. We want to share our music with as many people as we can, so come check us out at show near you!

Over The Castle

Over the Castle is an alternative rock band from Castle Rock, Colorado. Their style can be best described as a tight pocket and groove driven sound characterized by their unique three-part harmonies and intense vocal melodies. In the past they have been described as a mix of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Amy Winehouse. They have been building a steady following throughout all of Colorado and have won multiple battle of the bands competitions throughout the Midwest. Known for their tight instrumentation and intense vocal melodies, OTC were the recipients of the 2016 Colorado Rock Award for "Best Up and Coming Band" and they have only continued to grow since. OTC have played many notable venues and festivals around Colorado including the Summit Music Hall, Freedom Fest 2016, The Roxy Theater, and have even headlined and sold out their own show at the Gothic Theatre in Denver, Colorado! Their following only continues to grow not only within Colorado, but within the entire Midwest.

Over the Castle are currently scheduled to be releasing their first full length album in early 2018 that will be entitled "Up For Air", so stay tuned for lots of new music and shows coming in the near future!

$10.00 - $15.00


Upcoming Events
The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location