Darryl Morris Band, Luciana Garcia, Eva Rose

Darryl Morris Band

Darryl Morris is a gifted minstrel who offers a blend of acoustic music that is introspective and reflective of life's deeper meanings and mysteries. He strives to offer everything one would crave in a songwriter - passion, originality, and important message that encourage listeners to know themselves a little better.
A transcendent singer-songwriter, Darryl has been influenced by those who have a message. The primary and spiritual sources of his music come from such activists as Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Angela Davis. He has also been musically influenced by the brilliance and the melodic imagery of Jimmy Hendrix and Freddie Mercury of Queen, and the lyrical perseverance of James Taylor, Tracy Chapman, Bernie Taupin, and John Waite.
Darryl has been welcomed and received as a solo acoustic artist in various venues and some of the finest Colleges and Universities throughout the country. Darryl would like to have the opportunity to perform music that can be experienced by all people of the world regardless of age, sex, color and/or ethnic origins. His main goal is to make a positive impact on an individual's consciousness by creating music to be enjoyed and remembered.

Luciana Garcia is an Alternative Rock singer/songwriter. She is about to release her debut EP, You Will Know My Name. Born and raised in Chile, Luciana is based in Los Angeles, CA. Currently, she is both pursuing her career in music and studying vocal performance at the Musician's Institute.
On stage, Ms. Garcia and her band are unstoppable. Luciana's charisma has the rare ability to work any audience
within minutes. Providing fun, exciting and passionate live
music, Luciana will charm each and every member of the
While exploring the local scene with her music, Luciana has
developed a fan base and built extreme momentum for the
release of new music. With strong stage presence and thick
vocals, Luciana has become precisely what female fronted
rock has been waiting for.

Eva Rose is a 19-year-old singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Los Angeles, California. Drawn to the music of The Beatles, Black Sabbath, and Jimi Hendrix, Eva began playing the guitar at 11 years old and writing songs at 16. Her music draws influence from pop-punk bands of the late ‘90s and 2000s, as well as Lorde, Phoebe Bridgers, and Broods. In her senior year of high school, Rose began releasing self recorded demos on Soundcloud. She is currently studying Recorded Music at the Clive Davis Institute at NYU.



  • 9:00 Darryl Morris Band 
  • 9:45 Luciana Garcia
  • 10:45 Eva Rose

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