Wordsauce is a 7 piece Live Hip Hop/Funk band, based in San Luis Obispo, California, formed by Drummer Bill Gerhardt and Bassist Wesley Price in 2009. With Guitarists Kevin Strong and Shawn Warnke, Saxophonist Samuel Franklin, Turntablist/Producer Eric Mattson, and Emcee/Vocalist/Producer Rick “Risko” Loughman all joining the band by 2010, Wordsauce began developing their own style of Hip Hop with live instrumentation. Emcee/Vocalist/Conga player Patrick “June” Braddock joined the band in 2012 after meeting Loughman in a music history class in junior college. With a diverse combination of musical backgrounds, Wordsauce has thrived on open-mindedness in the song writing process and has established a sound that captivates crowds of all demographics. Wordsauce mixes funky, soulful Hip Hop instrumentation with intensely rhythmic lyrical form. The variety of musical backings has driven group emcee Risko to expand his dynamics as a vocalist.
Wordsauce released their first full length studio album, “The Flow”, on July 18th, 2015, and is currently working on a 2016 release. To download “The Flow” and other Wordsauce music go to iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Youtube.

Mannequins By Day

Bands start for a variety of reasons but the strongest case for nebulous creatures such as musicians to decide to condense into one small planet for a time is the fact that those who are musicians cannot help themselves. Musicians don’t do this for the health or because it makes things easier or because they want some perception of fame, adulation or instant fortune -- okay some do but they’ll fall flat eventually if it isn’t done first for one reason: Love. You’ve got to love it. That’s what we have here: Three individuals who can’t help but love writing, playing and performing music as well as all the good and bad baggage that comes with it. It also helps that the three are good friends who work very well together.

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