Silverplanes, Pretty, All Systems Know

Silverplanes is the recording identity of singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Aaron Smart, whose vividly expressive, effortlessly melodic songcraft marries subtly insistent hooks and emotionally precise lyrics. Silverplanes’ trio of five-song EPs, reveals the Los Angeles-based Smart to be an artist of rare vision.

The meeting of Smart’s fresh talent and the seasoned skills of his collaborators lend depth and resonance to his canon of memorable original tunes. All three EPs find Smart, who sings and plays drums and rhythm guitar, anchoring a studio band comprised of bassist Billy Mohler, guitarists Jason Johnson, Randy Ray Mitchell and Sean Woolstenhulme, and keyboardist Matt Rohde.

Combining New Wave and 1980s influence with modernized topics and lyrics, Pretty comes from Los Angeles, CA. With 3 of the 5 members being brothers, the group delivers a sound and show full of passion, love, and upbeat energy.

All Systems Know is a Santa Monica, CA based rock band. Formed in 2016, All Systems Know presents a unique sound that Music Connection Magazine called “an intriguing and often uncomfortable mix of punk and prog-rock”. The band is fronted by singer Marcelo Silva, whose melodic influences include Anthony Green, Brandon Boyd, Lucas Guerra, and Faith +1. Guitarist and notorious Cuban coffee addict Max Kane has experimental stylings not unlike those of Jimmy Page or Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. James Syme, the band’s drummer and sentient Hatch green chile, derives influences from a wide array of music, from rock and jazz fusion to hip-hop and R&B. All Systems Know is just as politically minded as they are dance-y, they’ll take you for a journey to outer space, but also around the corner for coffee.


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