Polygon Peach, Kédence, Sam Burns, The Blind Leads The Blind

Polygon Peach

Polygon Peach is the collective power trio formed organically, and cultivated under one roof for many years. Freshly onto the scene Polygon Peach graces deep ambition and fierce passion to the globe with soulful value and appreciation.


I’m Kédence, thanks for stopping by! Being exposed to music my whole life, it only seemed natural to pursue a career in music. Inspired by my mother’s singing and songwriting abilities, it was like having my own private vocal instructor; she taught me everything I know about singing. About 8 years ago, I ventured into producing music to accompany her original lyrics, and the music blossomed from there. Since then we have been churning out lyrics, beats and vocals. After being holed up in the studio for the past year in a creative bubble, it was time to start giving the music wings and start releasing it. I have learned so much and it’s still a learning game. I have also been fortunate enough to work with some amazing and talented individuals and some of the best producers and engineers in the game. I really hope you like what you hear (and see)! Sing on!

~Kédence <3

Sam Burns

Sam Burns is an American indie-folk artist originally from Austin, Texas. He is currently on the cusp of graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in classical guitar. Sam has been developing his songwriting muscle and idiosyncratic voice since he was a young child. At 18 he was awarded with a scholarship to attend the music conservatory at Southern Methodist University. He then joined a folk trio called The Coordinates based out of Austin. In 2014, the group went on to get signed by a label which coincided with a management/publishing deal. This paved the way for Sam to be a supporting act for such artists as The Los Lonely Boys, Bob Schneider, Junior Brown, just to name a few. By 2016, Sam had already toured half of the country as a professional musician. The band dissolved at the end of 2016 and Sam decided to get a fresh start in Colorado. Since his arrival he has made huge steps in finishing his degree in music and has made quite a name for himself in the folk scene of Northern Colorado. In the past two years Sam has released 2 full-length albums, averaged 100 shows a year in the state of Colorado, organized and pursued tours throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast. This past February he presented his songs at the Folk Alliance International Conference held in Kansas City, Missouri. He is currently working to release a classical guitar/singer-songwriter record in January of 2019 and has plans to continue his education as well as his development as an artist.

The Blind Leads The Blind

The Blind Leads the Blind is a musical project based out of Loveland, CO with the goal of opening the public to appreciate seemingly mundane but beautiful human experience that begins with the 5 senses. What would it be like if one day you awoke in the morning to find you no longer had the ability to see?

Open your eyes to the Blind Leads the Blind as to not be distracted from reality, but to immerse yourself in it.

Welcome to Reality.

Consider how sight is savory and should not be taken for granted.
I would like to be instrumental in your realization for visual appreciate by using my gift of music to amplify the visual importance in the everyday life.

$10.00 - $15.00


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