Kraus is the solo project of American experimental musician Will Kraus.
He self-released his debut record 'End Tomorrow' in early 2016. Shortly after, it caught the attention of Terrible Records, who re-released it the following September. His rough yet sentimental music typically combines heavily manipulated melodic samples with live instrumentation and vocals. He has just released his newest album 'Path' with Terrible.
The home recorded album retains the dissonant textures of 'End Tomorrow', but the melding of such textures with lush guitar chords and more direct vocals produces a heavier emphasis on memorable songwriting. A disparate array of musical influences, ambient drone and 90's alternative rock among them, produced the album's borderless sonics, which loom over the primary lyrical themes of dissociation and confusion.


Proud Father

Since 2009, Proud/Father has been recording dronebient collages from the wastelands of New Orleans. Incorporating noise bursts, tape loops, analog synths, droning shoegaze guitars, and anarcho notions, P/F records strictly using cassette recorders and outdated electronics. As of 2014, Proud/Father has released 6 extended plays, 2 albums, a live album recorded in the abandoned six flags, and submitted numerous contributions to splits and compilations.

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