Argentinian producer Pedro Canale has been working on Chanca Via Circuito, a musical project that has allowed him to travel the world and put his mark on what is known as Latinamerican electronic music, since 2005. He began by exploring digital cumbia, but as he traveled throughout Latin America, he experimented with acoustic sounds.

The general public will recognize Chancha's sound thanks to one of his hit remixes, "Quimey Neuquen," which was part of the Breaking Bad soundtrack in 2013.

Canale will be releasing his fourth album in 2018.

Born and raised in Caballito, a middle-class neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Juan Data discovered hip-hop and dance music culture at the early age of 13. While his parents wanted him to spend time outside practicing sports, he was locked in his room, The Laboratory, making mix tapes with songs recorded from the radio, practicing the newest breakdance moves, drawing comics or recording rap songs with his friends.

In 2001 Juan Data moved to California to pursue a career in music journalism. With his first paycheck he bought his first set of turntables and started DJing, something he wanted to do for many years but wasn't able to afford back in his home-town.

Still a freelance music journalist by day (and a comic book aficionado) Juan Data puts on his wrestler mask by night and transforms into his DJ alter-ego to rock the party with his characteristically eclectic play-list, experimental mixes and outrageous performances.

In a few beats, Santero can evoke the flatbed truck sonidero DJs of his native Guatemalan mountain village, his father’s cumbia band, and the memories of multiple family deportations. His rhymes are informed by running away from home at thirteen, rough times on the Bronx streets, and the neo-Nazi firebombing in New Orleans that nearly cost him his life (and did take his vinyl collection).


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