Wildeyes, Sarah Witham

Deep Nashville roots, rich Western influence, a veritable fortune of experiences touring in support of a-list artists, and a non-sexy, woodshed, 1950’s American work-ethic have unified Daniel and Emily Kohavi and Max Hoffman to forge the marvel of Wildeyes. A writing machine, Wildeyes has the uncanny ability to viscerally connect across generations, ideologies and genres with pure American music wandering South and West. Wildeyes performances are inimitable gifts that sonically, visually and emotionally retrieve and elevate you.

Sarah Witham

Sarah is a singer song writer from Houston, TX. She got her musical start at the age of 8 with an old pawn shop Yamaha acoustic guitar. She was raised with a love of bluegrass and country music. At the age of 16 Sarah’s father started making her play open mic nights at a local venue Provo Utah. Through the years she would realize that music was not going to be what kept the lights on, but man was it a good time. Sarah’s music is reminiscent of old timey county music with a modern undoing and a western flare.



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