TANGIENTS, Oddnesse, Sleuth Dogs

TANGIENTS is a post-punk, ambient, shoegaze duo based in Los Angeles. Chelsea Ray's intense, yet dream-like vocals can pierce as well as float over Be Hussey’s (GUIDES, Radar Bros.) thick wall of sonics. Called "a swirl of electronic post-punk haze” by Los Angeles blog Buzzbands.LA, the result is a noisy, yet melodic and ethereal wall of sound.

The debut single "White Foam" is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, and all streaming services, and the band is touring regionally in support.

Oddnesse is the soulchild of songwriter-producer Rebeca Arango, a first generation American from Hoboken, New Jersey. Arango met her partner-in-crime, fellow songwriter-producer Grey Goon (aka Doug Walters), in Los Angeles. The two east-coast expats bonded easily over pop hooks and apocalyptic prep while sporting the mandatory black uniform of studio nerds who find solace spending hours inside making music even when it's very very nice out. The Oddnesse directive is to construct heavy, harmonious dreamscapes of soaring melodies and simple grooves, pulled freely from a wide range of nostalgic sounds.

In a hole in a dirty old warehouse in downtown LA there lived a band. A band called Sleuth Dogs. They're an indie rock band that fuses tight grooves to intricate guitar playing and infectious melodies and vocals. Blending elements of psychedelic rock, old school blues, and fuzzed out classic indie, Sleuth Dogs formed in 2012 with the release of the "Compensation" EP as a duo of Philadelphia jawns Andrew Gleason on lead vocals/guitar and Ryan Colburn on bass. Over the next few years, the band started writing new material and playing shows all over Los Angeles (and that one time in Santa Monica). In the summer of 2015 they headed to Kingsize Soundlabs to record the "Dreary Days" EP which was released the following year, shortly before the departure of their drummer (sad!) This led to the introduction of Chicago native Kyle Kogan behind the kit (yay!) The guys immediately began writing new songs at a frantic pace (seriously, it was like crazy fast) and went to MooseCat Recording in 2017 to record a few of their favorites. Their next EP "Expectations" was recently released to much fanfare, and was even included on Andrew's mom's list of favorite albums of 2018! After building up a baker's dozen of new songs over the past year, they are preparing to hit MooseCat once again this summer to begin recording their first full length album.



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