Dying Fetus, Malignancy, Cerebral Bore, Revocation

Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus is a brutal death metal band formed in 1991 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States.

Dying Fetus's music is a hybrid of death metal and grindcore, characterized by extremely fast blast beats, complex riffing and slow breakdowns. Lyrics-wise, the band dabbled in the usual gory death metal subject matter on their early albums, and respectfully covered "Born in a Casket," a song originally written by famous death metal band Cannibal Corpse. By 2000's Destroy the Opposition, however, they shifted towards politically driven lyrics. Their lyrics are often left-wing, mostly consisting of aggressive critique addressed towards things such as religion, corporations, consumerism and war. Their fusion of death and grind is called Slam.


In 2000, vocalist David Davidson, drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne and bassist Anthony Buda, who attended a high school in Boston, Massachusetts, formed Cryptic Warning, influenced by Guns N' Roses and Metallica. The band's sound is known for being a fusion of technical death metal and thrash metal. Davidson developed his playing technique by attending the Berklee College of Music, where he focused on polyrhythm for jazz. This musical education brought him a expertise in both playing and songwriting, while "some of the atonal aspects of jazz gave him a different perspective on composing and soloing.


In 2012, Sapremia was signed by Butchered Records and the new release, Autumn's Moon will be released in Spring 2013. Sapremia has done several tours since coming off hiatus, in both the US and Canada. June 2013 marks the first time the band will embark on a full US tour, which will include an appearance at the Las Vegas Death Fest.

Cadaveric Spasm

They want your soul. They want you to smoke dust, or maybe beer. 4 piece Grindcore from PA/DE. Enjoy the raping of your senses.

Another Vendetta

Another Vendetta is a five piece metal band hailing from South Jersey ,with gutwrenching vocals, blastbeats, insane double bass and classical guitar harmonies that would raise the dead!! Another Vendetta has shared the stage with todays top metal artists including Arsonists get all the girls[centurymedia] Demolisher[centurymedia] With life in mind [C I records] Dark Tranquillity[centurymedia]/ Thr...eat Signal[NuclearBlast]/ MutinyWithin[roadrunner] / Revocation[relapse] / Lazarus A.D.[metalblade] It comes at no surprise the impact Another Vendetta has made on the metal community already. Another Vendetta is proud to announce our self-recorded debut album," Consecrate " is now available on itunes, amazonMP3, Rhapsody, thumb play, Zune, and more check it out!!!!


5 piece tech death metal from Philly, on Toil records.

$14.00 - $15.00


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Dying Fetus, Malignancy, Cerebral Bore, Revocation with Sapremia, Cadaveric Spasm, The Gurchick Tree, Another Vendetta, Condition Critical, Alustrium

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