Glass House Point, Gary Lazer Eyes

Glass House Point

Glass House Point is an indie-rock band hailing from the tropics of Central Florida: a place riddled with abundant sunshine and torrential rainfall. The band formed during the particularly stormy Summer of 2013 and has since crafted a sound that defies the expectations of East Coast music culture.

Ambient swells, soothings lulls, and massive bursts of lucid passion put Glass House Point’s music into a category of its own: a category that has yet to be explored by today’s indie artists. The band's 4-piece lineup is comprised of Dylan Graham (Vocals, Guitar), Ian Campbell (Bass, Keys), Jansen Valk (Drums), & Dylan Methot (Guitar). Collectively, they brandish their music with crisp harmonies, synths, and string ensembles. Overall the sound is sophisticated, yet untamed — a quite beautiful contradiction.

The band’s past ventures include extensive US tours and the release of their debut record, Love Lives in Dark Places (2016). Most recently, Glass House Point recorded their sophomore EP with Grammy-nominated engineer & producer, Aaron Gandia.

Gary Lazer Eyes

Gary Lazer Eyes is a rock & roll band from Melbourne, FL currently based out of Orlando. GLE derive their unique style of rock from root genres such as blues and reggae, but being born at the peak of the Seattle Sound must have scarred them for life because the grunge influence is undeniable. The band began playing small dive bars and restaurants in their beachside hometown. Now you can catch them at one of their regular gigs in Orlando or on tour.

$5.00 - $8.00


Montgomery Drive Presents:

Glass House Point & Gary Lazer Eyes

Date: 6/30
Doors: 8pm
Ages: 18 Plus
Price: $5 adv / $8 dos

w/ MYFEVER and Theory of Us

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