Topsoil, Ice Station Zebra, Empire Springs

Indie Rock from Homewood AL

Andrew Hardie - Vocals, Guitar
TJ Calloway - Bass
Kameron Mitchell - Drums

Ice Station Zebra

Rock / Jam from Birmingham AL

ce Station Zebra is a five-piece band from Birmingham, AL that focuses on creative improvisation, practiced orchestration, and honest lyricism.

Music is an art with many approaches, but for Ice Station Zebra it’s about staying in the moment. Our live performances combine thoughtful lyrics and dynamic musical improvisation. This stems from the idea that when we explore possibilities, unafraid of the outcome, we are sharing with the audience the birth of something new. After all, life is simply a series of moments, each leading up to the next, and it’s up to us to take advantage of it.

Progressive Rock from Birmingham AL

Progressive Space-Rock music based on the story of our audiobook "The Luminescence"



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