FUNCTION: A Dance Music Festival


Welcome to our new weekly coping mechanism.

Our weekly release.

Our weekly rally.

Starting June 7th, every Thursday at Respectable Street will be a whirlwind ride through the wide array of cuts and grooves that are moving and damn good to move to. Those cumbersome ole genre walls will be torn down so we can have more room for activities. There's only one rule under our roof: it's gotta be real. Sorry, got to get your Top 40 fix elsewhere. At the Function, we're jamming the deepest house, the heaviest techno, the rawest rap, and any and everything else you can cut up to.

See you June 7th and every Thursday thereafter until the Earth is ejected from this galaxy after a stellar encounter and evaporates into a cosmic dust. You feel me?

Hosted, Curated, and DJ Sets by:
Lindsey Mills
Daniel Norton
Mickhail Mills

No Cover
Doors at 10pm



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