We Were Sharks

We Were Sharks

"Sometimes it's the simple things that are the most satisfying. When life gets complicated you need the uncomplicated enjoyment that comes from things like a good cup of coffee, a blockbuster movie, or maybe a massive pop punk hook that just can't be denied. Ottawa, Canada's We Were Sharks have you covered when it comes to the latter.

We Were Sharks have been steadily picking up steam since 2010 with a series of releases and have now teamed with Panic State Records for their most accomplished work to date, Not A Chance. We Were Sharks immediately hit the listener with the tried and true combination of crunchy guitars and big vocal hooks, always finding just the right balance between energetic aggression and polished melodies. Not A Chance is full of pop songwriting executed with punk rock attitude and the result is an effortlessly infectious sound that many strive for but few achieve."



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