Oklahoma may not claim us, but Oklahoma born & raised us... well most of us.

Superpimp emerged from an undergound project between music loving friends with diverse backgrounds in the industry. What started as an exuse to jam evoled into the monster it is NOW!

SuperPimp draws crowds in with their edgy riffs & catchy lyrics - inspired by the numerous influences of its 5 unique members. While venue patrons are mixing & mingling in the crowd, SuperPimp is busy mixing and mingling music genres on stage. Imagine an epic throwdown featuring your favorite hip-hop/ rap artist & the best rock your face off metal band - and that...Ladies and gentlemen... Is SUPERPIMP!

Carol Morgan

She independently released two singles: “Leave it in the Fire,” “Gone from My Sight,” and an EP “Sweet,” and “Let Live,” adding to pre-existing repertoire.
Alternative/rock sound, Morgan band is thrilled to present their evolving showcase

Extreme Turbo Smash

$5.00 - $7.00


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